Everyone says, "when" not "if". 
You worry about the day Google claims your site has malware.
I get it. I was tired of my sites, and my client's sites, being targeted and then marginalized by Google.

That's why I mastered website security. 
I Provide Secure and Fast Hosting You Can Trust
Goodbye fear.
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We do not use cheap hosting.
All Sites Hosted With Dependable Cloud Hosting
Your Customers
Expect Security
99% of websites have incorrectly configured security settings. We manually configure each site to higher than industry standard settings.
Scalable Services
for Peace of Mind
Freedom to expand as your company grows. You won't be stuck needing to find another server. Regular daily backups keep your data safe.
Super fast servers give our clients improved performance right out of the gates. Latest Speed Technology is available for tweaking each site. Tweaks include: Wordpress plugin, Google PageCache, CDN Network, and more.  
Malware Scans Included 
We manually review regular malware scans. We are so confident that we include malware removal for free. We cannot guarantee existing software will not be harmed when malware is detected.
Google will marginalize your site if it is not secure. 
Free Let's Encrypt SSL Certificates
The first step is to make sure your site is running an SSL Certificate. Industry respected certificates were expensive when I first started securing websites. But today, Let's Encrypt is providing certificates that are generated from the very server the website resides on. These certificates provide your visitors with the assurance that all transactions with your site are encrypted. There is no reason not to have an SSL today.

BUT if you do not use HTTPS when running your site, Google has stated that we will lower your ranking and your site will not be as easy for potential customers to discover.

Most sites owners think SSL is all they need. 
Your Site Security Must Be Manually Configured 
Everyone is rushing to get SSL certificates. What they don't know is that a lot of their website information loads from other insecure sources. Fonts, Scripts, and CSS are often loaded from insecure sites. This allows an attacker to perform cross-site scripting, man-in-the-middle attacks, and other tricks to inject malware into your site.

Check your site at https://observatory.mozilla.org
Most sites score an 'F' before we help them.

Most sites with SSL certificates are not setup to industry standard security configurations. All of our sites consistently rank "B" or above when hosted on our servers and manually configured as part of our hosting package.
Security Equipment Company HACKED.
John Dowling called. His client's sites (all four of them) were being blocked by Google. "Sitelock", an automatic malware scanner had detected malware. It was "removed" and was now reported clean by SiteLock. But Google continued to reject any effort to get the site relisted.

We scanned the site manually and found several hidden folders, files and injections to existing code. All of it was infested with malware. We manually cleaned the malware off, rescanned and then hardened the site security.

They were relisted on Google in less than a day.
What value can you place on your customer's confidence when they do business with you?
Click here for your secure hosting!
To Restore Your Confidence
You Have Two Options:
1. Get your existing site hardened for $250 per site.
We can only secure it as strongly as your current hosting company allows. To manually scan and harden your site, we will need to research your current settings and how to make changes through your hosting provider. We may not have access to manually scan your site for malware. That would mean making a copy of your site to another secure location where we can scan it separately. This is what led us to start a secure hosting package where we can guarantee our high-security standard at better overall savings to our customers.
2. Get a Secure Hosting Package for $50 per month.
We have excellent cloud servers that give our domains not only security but speed and room to grow. Each account includes free monthly security reviews on the primary domain. This includes regular malware scans with careful review by security technicians. Each site is hardened to exceed industry standards. $150 one time transfer fee not included.
Introductory Offer for Limited Time
Price increase in:
One time payment per Security Review
  • Evaluate Current Security Configuration 
  • Security Tech Malware Scan
  • Surgical Malware Removal
  • Hardened Site Security Configuration
    if a qualifying SSL Certificate is installed. 
  • Can be upgraded to secure hosting for the difference in cost. Must be within 30 days.
 $300 Reoccurring six-month payments.

Cancel anytime.

$150 one time transfer fee. 
Best Deal
  • 15 Gb SSD 
  • 2 Gb Ram (availability)
  • 1 CPU (availability)
  • Free Industry Standard SSL 
  • Hardened Site Security Configuration 
  • Security Tech Malware Scans and Removal
  • CMS Site Stager
  • CMS Auto Updater
  • PHP 7
  • GIT Integration
  • Latest Speed Technology 
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Cpanel and Softaculous
  • Unlimited Sites, Emails and Databases 
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